Single Rainbow Across The Internet

by Various Artists

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Between SpinTunes 2 & 3, I decided to see if there was any interest in doing individual challenges to complete a themed album. No competition was involved, and a MUCH longer time period for completing the challenge was given. (compared to a typical SpinTunes round)

Some people were interested, but overall it was a luke warm response. The people who did take on the challenge did a great job, but the album remains incomplete. Until all the colors are done, there will be no more side projects on SpinTunes. Anyone, at anytime can contribute a song to the album until it is finished.

Check the blog for colors that are available.


released January 17, 2011




Spintown Middletown, Ohio

I run a songwriting contest called SpinTunes. Most of the material hosted on this account is a result of that contest. You can follow the contest on Twitter (@SpinTunes) or my personal account (@Spintown).

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Track Name: Denise Hudson - Blue
Blue, is a thing that you do
Its a hue you pretend, that you suit
When you know all too well
That the pain at the end of the day
Would be better suited to black
In a cold that shakes your spirit away

We stood by the water, cold freezing water
Arms wrapped around
All that I think about so it seems
Do you dream of the sound of the ocean
Cuz now it's the loudest thing
Taking me down...

Your eyes were blue when everything changed
When everything rearranged around to "nothing's the same"
And now I stay home, point the cameras away
Like your eyes never saw me
All over the place
And I drank down every last taste
Of the blue

But I'll be okay, and I'll shake off the stain
They can't say I'm scarlet when they paint me in grey
And I need clear blue water
To baptize the darkness away,
Then we'll fly ...

Away.. into blue when I look in the mirror
Looking though tears it appears I see clearer
When I … stare & and do not refuse / The truth of the law that is you
Did you do it to me, Or did I do this to you
Then who's been the fool for who?

Shut my mouth and I smiled and I nodded
And gave in to all that you wanted
Tomorrow can't crawl back to today
And the girl on the floor's not quite back where she started

And we slid down our rainbow
So quietly into the sea
Track Name: Duality - Indigo
No one ever said it was going to be easy
A primary color a thing one can believe in
but I only wanted the truth
I wanted you / to buy into it,
believe what I thought I knew
…believe / in me

Believe what you read
Believe what you see
don't ask to look for what I've already shown
or go digging for what you should know
paint pure white over with Indigo

What's this, that, I see
meaningless drivel
we drown in incertainty
There is noise all around our safety zone
and we cannot make the people believe

But I want to believe in you
And I want you to believe in me

Night's not black you know
it's tinted a darker blue of doubt
the indigo, that chills your soul
you lose your faith in the cold
trust me I know

but even though it's cold
wrapped in you
the blue slips all around me
it holds me down
you're all I know
and all is indigo

And I would drown you deep in the indigo sea of me
And I would let you breathe right through me

so why tint your dreams
you cannot leave your destiny
Track Name: Emperor Gum featuring Edric Haleen - Grey
After the dark of the night time

Before the colours of the day
In the glow of the morning's half-light
When all the worlds a shade of grey

Though the seasons change, the world
Before the sun is lit in grey

Black print stamped onto a white page
The words that you would write in stone
Those rights will run grey in the pouring rain
It doesn't rain on the unjust alone

You can't paint the world as black and white
With your words blurring all the time
I think there's more that lies in between
I won't sign your dotted line

I am sorry, truly sorry
That its not just yes or no
There's nothing here that is so simple
Even though you think I am so dull

No one casts a pitch black shadow
Our basest shade's a grey
I cannot love with all my heart
My passions only grey

So you can think that you are so bold
And you can think I am so cold

But without colour, photographs
Show all people in their grey scale
Track Name: JoAnn Abbott - Seeing Red
Desert sand, brown and tan
Everything fades to gray
City street, eyes won’t meet
Get in the truck
Safe inside, breathe and hide
Moveing out on patrol
Hot as hell, foreign smell
No time to duck

Seeing red
Seeing red
On the walls in the air
As the red fog surrounds
Seeing red
Seeing red
You can taste your friends die
Hear the screams of the bodies
Who don’t know they’re dead
Seeing red

Wipe your eye, see the sky
Through the holes in the roof
Crimson stain fills your brain
Safety is off
They attack, fire back
Fear and rage burning hot
Dresed in gore, this is war
Ev’ry ones dead
But you are not dead
Why aren’t you dead?

Seeing red
Seeing red
While you pick up the parts
And the horror turns real
Seeing red
Seeing red
As you limp back to camp
And there’s less of you living
Than there is dead
Seeing red

Home at last, horrors past
Safe with your family
Sudden sound-hit the ground
Children ask why
Go to bed, rest your head
Close your eyes-try and sleep
Live the fight every night
Scream in your sleep

Seeing red
Seeing red
On the walls in the air
As the red fog surrounds
Seeing red
Seeing red
You can taste your friends die
Hear the screams of the bodies
Who don’t know they’re dead
Seeing red
Seeing red
Seeing red