SpinTunes #7: Round 2

by Various Artists

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This album is made up of songs from the "SpinTunes" songwriting competiton.


The Challenge:
Coming Through - A through-composed song about going through something. (2 minute minimum) (They had 8 days)


released July 23, 2013

Album art by Matt Schubbe




Spintown Middletown, Ohio

I used to run a songwriting contest called SpinTunes. Most of the material hosted on this account is a result of that contest.

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Track Name: Ominous Ride - 2 Minute Meltdown
There is trouble down the road, I can feel it
Waiting for me to come and awake it
Frightened of things I believe in
Wanting to say this is not who I am
To love and not get hurt is a fantasy
Some would rather not live
But I don't know what I'm doing
I don't know what I'm thinking
I don't know what I'm feeling anymore

And this feeling it won't go away
Clouds are high and tyrants surround me
Perpetual spinning and falling and breaking
And the tragedy it brings
Drops of blood upon my body
The ego knows no folly

Keep my back against the wall
Face the arrows and the slings
Romanticize these pains
Will they ever write a play for me?

As my ego digs the hole
I let the dirt spill in upon me
Let me go to sleep now
Let me go to sleep now
Let me go to sleep now
Track Name: TurboShandy - Generic Relationship Song
My legs went kinda funny when I saw her standing there
Her dirty beat up Converse and her yellow shiny hair
She looked so good in that light, she looked exactly my type
"Hey there, what's your name?"

Woah oh-h oh, woah oh, woah oh
I met her at the punk show
Woah oh
I met her at the punk show

"I'll see you at 8" I said
I read it back twice then pressed send
You were punctual, you were there on time
"What can I get you from the bar?"
"Did I tell you I play guitar?"

We spent the whole night talking all about our favourite bands
I had fun, hope you had fun, how about we do it again

That night turned into another night
And another night
And then every weekend
And I thought, you know, hey now, this is alright
Could get used to this pretty damn easy, you're really
Attractive, compassionate, kind, and forgiving
It's almost as if you're not like other women
I'm startin' to get this kinda funny feeling
The kind the songwriters and poets all deal with, it's


Yeah it's me
Are you alright?
Are we still on for Friday night?"
(Spoken) "Well, here's the thing
What I called for...
I uh, well...
I just can't do this anymore"

So you came out of the blue
Decided to rip my heart in two
Ends as soon as it begun
I thought we were havin' fun

Yeah, I was a little upset
But time's the greatest healer
And my watch ain't dead yet
So just be strong
It don't take too long
Waiting is your medication
To get over a situation
Like the one in this generic relationship song
Track Name: Blimp Exhaust - Goodbye
You moved out all your stuff, so
Now I just don't think about you
The gaps you left helped me forget
That you were ever there
You left your smell behind
But I don't let it get to me, because
I don't care
I wouldn't even want you back
Even if you want me back
and I forgot about you
the moment you walked out the door
and you thought about it
I bet you just wanted more
Left behind, out of my mind for good

Out of my mind, I don't even care, do you?
And I can't find, the words to say how much I hate you
I'm living without you
I'm living without you, forever!
The grass has grown above this tombstone, so I won't ever see your name again
The world keeps spinning and I keep believing that I don't need you
I don't need you, I don't need you
I don't need you, I don't need you

This bed is so cold, left me alone
I feel the space, you can't be replaced
Wish you were here, why would you leave?
Can't be replaced, can't be replaced

I won't forget you, no, try as I might
I know this is the end, no, but that's alright
I'm deleting the very last photo of you
But I saved me a copy, in case I feel blue
Goodbye, goodbye, my dear
Goodbye, goodbye, my dear
Goodbye, goodbye, my dear
Goodbye, goodbye, my dear
Track Name: Edric Haleen - Possibilities
Okay . . .
A song about “going through something.”
Ummm . . .

Howd’ya write a song
Of “going through something”?
Whad’dya do?
Whad’da they go through?
Howd’ya start a song
That take you through “something”?
Gimme a clue . . .

Well -- maybe you are
Riding in a train
Through a tunnel.
Or flying through the air
On a trapeze.
Or maybe you go through
A secret passageway.
Or a labyrinth.
Or a looking glass.
Or a wardrobe.
Or a drive-thru . . .

Naw . . . Weird Al already did that one.

Or a wormhole . . .

It’s so beautiful.
They should have sent a poet . . .

(Ehh . . .)

Or maybe something else
That’s not so literal.
Maybe something more like an ordeal!
A song of someone
Going through a breakup!
A song that spurs the listener to feel!

A cancer patient
Struggling through chemo.
Or getting through your grief
When someone close has passed away.

(Or going through their stuff
And all the crap they left behind . . .)

Or maybe just a guy
Who tries to make it through the day . . .

Hmm . . . Ummm . . .

Alarm goes off.
Get out of bed.
Stop to urinate.
Get dressed for work.
Begin commute.
See the donut shop.
Crumble . . .
Cave . . .

And then endure the hours of work
For far too little pay . . .

<Something, something>
Getting through the day!

A song of someone
Blowing through their savings.
A song of sisters
Going through your things.
A song of stalkers
Going through your garbage.

Ugh . . . Ummm . . .

Or going through
An album full of pictures.
Or going through
A list of things to do.
A song of simply
Going through the motions . . .

Heh! Eh . . .

A song of someone
Seeking new employment
And struggling to
Fill out all the forms.
“We thank you for your
Interest in working here.
We simply need to know about . . .

. . . Your former employers.
. . . Your last three addresses.
. . . Your medical background.
. . . Your marital status.
. . . Your prior convictions.
. . . Your past education.
. . . Your letters of reference.
. . . Your Internet passwords.”

<And something and something
and something and something
and something and something
and something and something
and something and something
and something and something . . .>

Howd’ya write a song of
“Going through something”?

Well -- try again tomorrow . . .
Track Name: Menage A Tune - Transition
I like it here
It’s warm and safe and it is home
I like it here
This place is all I’ve ever known
But something’s changing
I feel a pressure now to move
To go, to change, and I’m afraid
This feels so strange
Am I betrayed?
I want to stay the way I am
I like it here

Feels like I have waited for my whole life just for this
For the chance to get to know you
Get to feel you, get to hold you
Hold you deep inside my heart
We’ll never part
We are now one
The pressures growing- I’m afraid
About the choices that I have made
Don’t leave me now!
Not when we’ve been so close together all this time
Want you to stay
Don’t go away

Pressure growing, crushing me
cannot move or breathe
I have to get away from here
But though I fear
I know that we’re
I will never be alone
I see the light and reach out for it
You are there just as you were
When it was dark

I see your face at last
We hold each other in our hearts
I had to change for you
Do you forgive me for my part in
All the pain that you endured
All the darkness you withstood
Till I was free
Now you’re with me
I am with you
I always was and I will be
I am with you
You are all I want to see
And I forgive you
For the pain is all now past
We are together
At last.
Track Name: Boffo Yux Dudes - Bloodstream
The light is dim - I squint to see
but something isn't right around me

I twist to see - but it's not real
It's something else that' I can't feel

My brain's a fog that's trying to log where ever I have been
I know I was, but not because, I know today I must be.

It hits my bloodstream
Like a jet plane
100 milligrams of God
Going thru my veins
I took my chances
Now I ride the wave
Though my heart is pounding
The drug makes me brave

Please get me thru this I don't know what I thought I did
The strobing colors freak me out I'm like a little kid
I'm in the Devil's iron grip and I can't struggle free
I'm losing all I thought I was I'm losing hold of me

Cool clear melon plastic man floats numbly above all
I can taste the colors as I float down my front hall
I look down at myself as I slowly cease to breathe
I want to hear the sound of love but now I must leave

I don't think I'm coming home
la la la la
When will this drug leave me alone?
La la la la

My psyche can not seem to bend
la la la la
Am I coming to the end?
La la la la
Track Name: RC - A Marriage In Seven Parts
I met a girl
at the bar
in the crowd
it was hard
I persevered
I couldn't wait
we shouted out
a Friday date

and I hope it all goes right
I have planned out quite a night
because she really wasn't like
the other girls who were at the bar
I hope it goes well

I fell hard
I fell so hard
and it was two weeks later
that we came to celebrate
our engagement

I was just some guy
I didn't need a plan
now today
I've got responsibilities
I'm a married man
I should've seen this coming
I should have thought things out
but here we are
here we are

oh, the boredom
oh, the boredom
up and off to work
work and back to bed
I love you, but it's getting hard to care
I see you because you're always there
oh, the boredom

you call, I listen
but clearly something's missing
I speak what I fear
but I don't think you hear

drifting apart
drifting apart
oh I don't know how to stop
I don't know how to start
we're drifting apart
drifting apart
oh I don't know how it happened
it's just the way we are

I sneak around
behind your back
because your back is always turned
you throw it back
in my face
only you know how many times I've been burned

because I'm faithless
I'm so faithless
and you're so faithless
you're so faithless
we're all faithless
we're all faithless, faithless, faithless
faithless, faithless, faithless
faithless, faithless, faithless

thank god it's over
nobody won
thank god it's over
the score was none to none
but we got out before anyone got hurt
besides you
besides me

and when it's all been done
the best thing is to let it go
don't let it drag you down to hell
and add it to the list
of things you really ought to know
learn to avoid the places you fell

I'm gonna be a better man
I won't do less than what I can
the mistakes that I have made
they will not be repeated
I'm gonna be a better man
a better man
a better man
Track Name: Riker's Island - Hell​-​A​-​X
It's a beautiful morning
And I'm headed somewhere beautiful
Packed everything I need
And it's high time I speed
Away from here

I've waited five minutes
And soon this will end
My vacation begins
Just around that bend
But my belt and my shoes
First must be taken off
Stopping just shy of "turn your head and cough"
I approach that machine
With a nervous stride

My adventure awaits
On the other side
Of that security gate

"Excuse me sir; please step to the side"
The agent believes I have something to hide
Inside of my luggage: a suspicious package

...well isn't that great

It seems these days we're giving freedoms away
To pay for freedom and keep baddies at bay
If you ask me, this policy is crazy

...looks like I'm gonna be late

Oh how I wish I could proceed
But security feels the need
To inspect me with bomb sniffing instruments
My threat level's measured in 3.5 ounce increments

I wish that I could fly away

I wish that I could fly away
Track Name: Mariah Mercedes - Breach
I'm so sorry
It's not your fault
We're just two people
Fallen out of love

It's not fair to you
Don't think you have to choose
Though it might be confusing
Now that the rings have been removed
We're still who we were
Somehow we'll make it work
Son, you've got to know
That if we stay it will get worse

Everyone keeps asking if I'm okay
I know it's not much different, but it sure isn't the same
I guess that it was worth it to relieve them of the strain
I just wish there was another way
Track Name: Governing Dynamics - Synesthesia
Somewhere there's a color that I won't forget
I can't recall it now but it's stuck nonetheless
Cheap telephone tones, echo blue and red

Footsteps grey against the the dormitory walls
Starlight songs write out the contents of the calls
Wires crossed, blindly slipping down the stairs
If nobody knows I don't suppose they could care

I can't get enough air
Engine noise is motor oil brown
Yellow lines behind
I don't dare slow down
Welling up in my rear view mirror
Countless miles of ocean blue tears

Your laughter was lightning the struck me deaf
Now I've got a lot more road but you've run out of breath
Cell phone's sickly light tastes like a shot of fear

I know it's okay to be late
But I wasn't there at all
I know it's wrong to drink so deep
When I don't know, don't know what'll catch me when I fall
Take a tiny pill to quiet down the fight
Now there's no sound in the colors
But I only dream, dream in black and white
Track Name: Steve Durand - Airport Rag
I'm getting up early 'cause I can't be late
I have to travel to a different state

Got to arrive by 6 on the dot
Just to be sure I get a parking spot

They say arrive 2 hours in advance
To make the process go smooth

I hate to complain but it's such a drag
Doing the Airport Rag

Then I have to go through security

First they must determine
If my name is on the no-fly list
Checking my ID

I guess that they're suspicious
That I might just be a terrorist
On a killing spree

They give me a glance
And mark on my boarding pass

I can only hope
I'm not selected to get groped

Waltzing through the checkpoint
In my stocking feet
Place my liquids in the bin
Bagged up nice and neat

The signs say jokes and comments
Will be taken seriously
And invite investigtion
Of your body cavities

When the man beside me asks me
What gate I'm headed for
I catch myself before I blurt out
That I have C4

Put your feet on the marks
Put your hands in the air

If you're often a commuter
You could possibly get neutered
By a burst of radiation
From the body scan machine

Revealed in all my glory
Anyone can see the story
Where they took out my appendix
When I was just fourteen

Then I get re-dressed and gather by belongings
Down the concourse moving right along
To the gate where much to my dismay
My flight has been delayed
Track Name: Sid Brown - Wormhole To Hell
Flying 10 million miles an hour
I've got the law on my tail in the black of space
Weapon systems have no power
There's only one place I can hide my face

Right in my sights, the event horizon
My heart should be racing but it's stuck in time
Everything around me is speghettifying
One debt for another cause I'm going straight through

The wormhole to hell
The wormhole to hell
Going straight through the wormhole to hell
The wormhole to hell
The wormhole to hell
Going straight through the wormhole to hell

There's no telling what's
On the other side
It's here from the demons of my world I'll hide

No one will follow
No running anymore
No one's come back from this black hole before

One shot of whiskey
I laugh to myself
There's no return from the wormhole to hell!
Track Name: Emperor Gum (featuring Niveous & Denise Hudson) - Halcyon
It's war, we all do our part
If I could stay, you think I'd go?
Yes, I know you have ill feelings about this trip
That I'll drown aboard this ship

I'll see, I'll see you soon
Alcy, Alcy, I won't desert you

'Cause there no home, no home
No home without you
I hope, I hope
That I will return to you

The sun sets on the North Sea
You're going away, you leaving me

As you board the ship
You look around
You sail today
For you're duty bound

Don't you hear me call
As the night falls?
Won't you come home to my door
Leave other men's wars

I kissed you goodbye
As the clock stole our time
Now I wave you farewell
But you're lost, you were mine!

Did I cause you such a smart
That I turned away your heart?
Do you so despise my presence
That you so long for my absence?!

Because the fear that I'm losing you
Chills me to the bone
In my dreams I've seen you drown
To leave me here alone
Please don't go!

Alcy, the storm wreaked the ship
Drowning, I'm under the waves
With my last breath
I'll call to you

Morning comes to greet me, were it you
Darkened dreams no comfort, you've gone
Ceyx, every second seemed to fly with you near
To be with you once more in those

Halcyon days (before the storm)
Always with you (we'd never part)
As kingfishers true (together again)
I wish I could change (turn into birds)

We'd fly away from mankind and wars
To find a place of a peace for Halcyon days

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