Emperor Gum - 1983 (Shadow)

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Father, its been many years since I was born
When you said the world stopped spinning
The first time you held me in your arms
I couldn't understand
I didn't know the world before
Born on the last day of the war
There was only time

Father, now I hold my new born son
My whole world is undone
How you looked at me I understand
Oh Father, I've never felt so close to you
The sky swept clean, a brand new blue
It took a child to make me a man

But Father, we are not in a post-war
The Third World War is at our door
Will the world stop spinning?
Will I see a blue sky again?
Will my son have a future?
Is there a future at all?

Will all men cherish life as I do now?
Learn to grow old and not apart?
Set world to rights?
Or will the bombs fall?
Burn out the blue of the sky?
Undo the lives of you and I?
Is this the end of the world?


from SpinTunes #1: Round 3, released July 28, 2010
Emperor Gum




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