Ominous Ride - 2 Minute Meltdown

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I just hope that singing about going through an anxiety meltdown isn't too figurative for the judges.

My intention was to capture the roller coaster of emotions that often happens under mental duress - the brief moments of optimism that present themselves during an escalating helplessness. Cue the Hamlet reference...

I had a little trouble with the mixdown - I'm not so well versed in the art of recording to get the levels exactly where they should be. The levels were either too hot or too low, and I had to do a lot of tweaking. Bottom line, I was able to get about 90% of the flavor of what I was trying to do.

Hope you like it - and don't worry, I've regained my contentment, if not my complete sanity...


There is trouble down the road, I can feel it
Waiting for me to come and awake it
Frightened of things I believe in
Wanting to say this is not who I am
To love and not get hurt is a fantasy
Some would rather not live
But I don't know what I'm doing
I don't know what I'm thinking
I don't know what I'm feeling anymore

And this feeling it won't go away
Clouds are high and tyrants surround me
Perpetual spinning and falling and breaking
And the tragedy it brings
Drops of blood upon my body
The ego knows no folly

Keep my back against the wall
Face the arrows and the slings
Romanticize these pains
Will they ever write a play for me?

As my ego digs the hole
I let the dirt spill in upon me
Let me go to sleep now
Let me go to sleep now
Let me go to sleep now


from SpinTunes #7: Round 2, released July 23, 2013




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