Dr. Lindyke - A Historical Account Of The Life And Accomplishments Of Abraham Lincoln Of Which Every Word Is True I Swear

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When Lincoln was a little child
His mother built a boat of reeds
And sailed him down the river Nile
That flows through Mississippi
(oh! through Mississippi!)

A child of Negro slaves
He taught us wrong from right
His every photograph
Integrated black and white
(oh! black and white)

A man without precedent
He became our 14th President
He discovered that slavery was wrong...

The Emancipation Proclamation he signed into law
Such dedication to a nation no one ever saw

He built an army great and strong
And he marched them down South to face the pharoah
And there was Jefferson Davis
On his throne upon the Pyramid
And Lincoln said...LET MY PEOPLE GO!

Then he built an underground railroad
With a shovel he made from a skull
And the timbers he split with his hands
And the steel of his resolve
And Lincoln said...LET MY PEOPLE GO!

And there were plagues upon the South
And it burned with Sherman's Fire
And the conflagration rose
It was fueled by Lincoln's ire
And the firstborn were devoured
By gators from the swamp
And Tar Baby, he said nothing.
Yeah, Tar Baby, he said nothing!

And there in the Dust Bowl
Davis was laid low
And he bowed his head to Lincoln
And he let the people go
As they danced into Ford's theater
To celebrate the day
Lincoln stayed behind and then he quietly stole away

And somewhere in the wilderness
Stands a cabin made of wood.
Yes, right now in the wilderness
Stands a cabin made of wood.
With a stovepipe hat upon a nail.
And a fence made of split rail


from SpinTunes #8: Round 3, released March 11, 2014
Original drum performance by Jim Dooley, re-arranged by Dr. Lindyke.




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