Ominous Ride - After Happily Ever After (Shadow)

from by Various Artists

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The prompt was to write a run on song - as many people pointed out, all songs are potential run ons, as long as they don't have proper punctuation. I decided to tell a classic (cliché?) story. Yes it has a chorus, but it technically can stand as one long sentence.


Once upon a time there was a young boy,
a restless aberration,
who only knew the wrong side of the tracks
until a young girl,
searching for the romance
so perfect in the movies,
wandered off and crossed the young boy’s path,
and when their eyes met
they could see that it was perfect,
except they knew their parents
would never let them fill each other’s lives,
and so they ran away
and battled all the odds
and proved that this was not just
some adolescent misdirected lie,
and it was happily ever after…

…So they got married
at a chapel in the country,
then found a cheap apartment
which felt like a stately pleasure dome decreed
until the days passed
and they fell into routine,
and life began to slap a tarnish
upon the perfect world that they had dreamed,
and while the passion
that forged their lives together
was drowning in complacence,
Eternity was making up its mind
about the young boy
whose head had never settled
and the girl whose cherished childhood
romantic dreams were long left far behind,
and it was after happily ever after.


from SpinTunes #10: Round 3, released February 17, 2015




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