"BucketHat" Bobby - Back From Hell

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You thought you could get rid of me
So god-damned easily,
I just can't get it through your head.

I'll walk this world forever,
Bound by vengeance, bound by leather,
My hate remains, although my body's dead.

So live while you're alive,
Say all your goodbyes,
This is only my
Reminder lullaby

Just so you can dwell,
'Till I get back from hell.

Go on and scream.
This ain't no dream
Or do you have to be reminded?

This ain't no joke
I don't blow smoke,
Unless there's dynamite behind it.

So be afraid,
The plans are laid.
Until I've made sure
The favor's been repaid,

I hope that you stay well,
'Till I get back from hell.

So come, my dear, you've got everything to fear
What does it take to make you see your fate's already clear?
If you could hear what we were planning down here,
That little smile you're wearing ear-to-ear will surely disappear.

And so, My foe,
Your time to go,
Is closer than you understand.

It's come to this;
My nemesis.
With his own blood upon his hands.

Fight if you choose,
But there's no use
'Cause I got nothing to lose,
And I'll come back in newer shoes.

And only time will tell,
When I'll come back from hell.
When I come back from hell.


from SpinTunes #10: Round 2, released February 3, 2015




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