Boffo Yux Dudes - Bilpm - The Ballad Of Don Martin (Cracked Up)

from by Various Artists



Don Martin was an artist who loved using onomatopoeia with his sound effect for character noises.He worked exclusively for Mad Magazine until publisher William Gaines decided to pull a clause in his 'Work for Hire' section of employment, and refused to pay for reprints of the very lucrative paperback reprints of works originally featured in the magazine.

Don was understandably upset, and went to work across the street for Cracked Magazine for the rest of his years.

Our original word is 'Bilmp', which we define as a verb - the feeling Don Martin had when he realized the huge amount of cash he was swindled out of by Mad Publishing and William Gaines.

The Borrowed Chords are in the bridge. And since no one said we had to give them back from Steely Dan, who we took them from, technically they are now stolen chords. Enjoy.


Don Martin came from parts unknown
Well, okay, Paterson
With twisted mind and pen in hand
He got to wreaking fun

Rikkity tikkity rappa tap tap
ringaling rip slice shinkle hak
rumble roar faglork swoosh
klik klak grak thak klik vroom spoosh

Don Martin was a loyal man
He never was a cad
But the William Gaines flat rate
Was enough to drive him mad

Fwipida dipida ging gang thwat
Glit glort bleeble durp Mamp spwat tok
Fip fop fiddit fap flif flaf flizaff
Flisk glurk ga-shklurtz foon foinsapp

Shif-shaf shabamp mamp
Shompah bompah dimpah mimpah
Fomp dabomp!
Gadiff-gadiff, gadaff gadaff
Gasmitch gasmatch kaboff
Fapadda dappadda swippada dippada
Fap Smap Gamop

Don Martin was a genius
Far above the usual hack
So why the hell did he work for
A cheesy rag like Cracked?

Plop phelop plam plam poing geen geen
Patwang fwee, pfft-frack! Pop-sproing ging
Shkloort Thurch, bilmp Poing thuk!
Gurn gurn gurn gurn gurn kadoonk!

SPOKEN: Pittween splatch thork bloof thlik glitch glutch pittwoon plaf ploof splitch thuk thap ploop


from SpinTunes #12: Round 3, released February 28, 2017
Germs - Tommy G
Vowels and punctuation - Scott
Tweets and twerps - Al
Language - Don Martin via

Inspiration and allowing us to take over their podcast
Adam and John from MegaDads




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