MC Ohm​-​I - Black People Don't Swim

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I'm from a place that is quite urban
So every time I get invited by a white person to dive first in
The open sea. I'm like "Nope for me!"
That definition of fun does not align with my version

Might be my environmental influence
When it comes to swimming in water, I'm just not into it
Almost drowned a few times when I was a little kid
And apparently I'm not the only one livin' with

The inability to swim well to my very delight
I'm just another stat of a well-known stereotype
Think whatever ya like. I always flow with the motion
Unless it involves me going in the ocean.

I'll peep the sand and sit on there in my lawn chair
And give a long stare as I see boats and pelicans
I always tell my friends that I'm loaded with melanin
So the water in front of me is somethin' that I won't be dwellin' in

You can invite me to the beach
But you probably won't find anybody like me because
Black people don't swim
Black people don't swim

You may think that I'm not cool
But you won't find me at the deep end of the pool because
Black people don't swim
Black people don't swim

I rock a T-shirt and sneakers at the beachfront
See people ready to swim but I'll never be one
Instead I'll pull a drink out of my icebox
And take a seat. Or go for a nice walk.

There's no changin' my stance.
There's no reason for me to start changin' my pants
Into swim trunks. I'll just stay in the sands
I told you that I would be this way in advance

I truly am glad for the view that I have
But I'd rather relax pull a brew out my bag
Than start the provin' the fact that I'm predisposed to sinkin'
Inviting me here? Not sure what you were thinking

I appreciate the consideration
But I'm sure I'm not the only black guy in the nation
Who thinks time is wasted when going to the beach
Just to sit on the sand to drink beer and sleep

Even if the water's not that deep
I won't ever go beyond dippin' my feet
People who are dark like me
In the places in Brooklyn I'm from don't go swimmin' for fun

And maybe I will learn one day
If the lessons ever come my way
Hear me when I say
In the places in Brooklyn I'm from we don't go swimmin' for fun


from SpinTunes #9: Round 4, released August 26, 2014




Spintown Middletown, Ohio

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