Boffo Yux Dudes - Bloodstream

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The light is dim - I squint to see
but something isn't right around me

I twist to see - but it's not real
It's something else that' I can't feel

My brain's a fog that's trying to log where ever I have been
I know I was, but not because, I know today I must be.

It hits my bloodstream
Like a jet plane
100 milligrams of God
Going thru my veins
I took my chances
Now I ride the wave
Though my heart is pounding
The drug makes me brave

Please get me thru this I don't know what I thought I did
The strobing colors freak me out I'm like a little kid
I'm in the Devil's iron grip and I can't struggle free
I'm losing all I thought I was I'm losing hold of me

Cool clear melon plastic man floats numbly above all
I can taste the colors as I float down my front hall
I look down at myself as I slowly cease to breathe
I want to hear the sound of love but now I must leave

I don't think I'm coming home
la la la la
When will this drug leave me alone?
La la la la

My psyche can not seem to bend
la la la la
Am I coming to the end?
La la la la


from SpinTunes #7: Round 2, released July 23, 2013
Al - Jiggery
Tom - Pokery




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