Jenny Katz - Boom Goes The Dynamite

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The Spintunes challenge was to write a song about an internet meme (from a list of about 20). I chose "Boom Goes the Dynamite," which refers to a video of a young sportscaster who gets completely tongue-tied during a broadcast. It's as if his brain just stops. That got me thinking about other times your brain stops. When I remembered the title of a book I read as a teenager, "Love and Other Indoor Sports," the answer was obvious.


Another noontime, another key
Another place I'm not supposed to be
I check the number to confirm I've found the room
He comes entangled and so do I
There's no excuse so I don't even try
I see him silhouetted by the window cross the room
boom boom

You wouldn't see him and understand
He's not a Clooney or a Cary Grant
He has nothing of the qualities you might assume
Yet real life does not exist for me
The only distance is from him to me
I estimate it's seven steps across the room till
Boom boom goes the dynamite

My knees are trembling, my tongue is tied
I'm not thinking with my conscious mind
I have to hold the doorframe not to swoon
Another noontime, another key
Another place I'm not supposed to be
And then he bends to kiss me where I put on my perfume
Boom boom goes the dynamite

I feel like Wile E. Coyote
trying to catch the bird in every show
Laying out the wire and the birdseed
But we all know where the bomb will blow

It isn't love, we're almost sure
What we have is deep but not exactly pure
We won't be topping any cake with a mini bride and groom
And yet there's something when it's time to go
Though neither he nor I would ever let it show
that we leave our hearts in pieces scattered round the room
Cause boom boom goes the dynamite
Boom boom goes the dynamite
Boom boom goes the dynamite


from SpinTunes #6: Round 1, released January 29, 2013
Keyboards: Michael Katz




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