Governing Dynamics - [broken​​/​​lost​​/​​alone​​/​​adrift]

from by Various Artists



The words that aren't English in this song are an alien language being received by a lost space traveler. He doesn't know what they mean (kind of the main point of the song) but here are some rough translations:

ek'ke'zala = [broken/lost/alone/adrift]
Solne kala ek'ke re'sa paal = [a longing home/friends/familiarity]
Naf'ke wae paal = [is anyone listening/please identify yourself]

Borrowed chords: bIII in the prechorus ("neither of us have ever been", "sing, lament")
bV and bVII in the bridge.


Ek'ke'zala, ek'ke'zala

I was stumbling, stumbling in time
To the heartbeat of unseen machinery
I was fumbling with sparking, live lines
Waiting for speech to return to me

The way you crackle in my ears
It’s tugging at my fears
Neither of us have ever been
So far from home


I was crumbling, or wishing I could
Willed catastrophe to break this trajectory
Truth disappearing into a sea of words
Shifting, tense, nothing left to perceive

I can’t read your voice
Should it sing, lament, rejoice

Ek'ke zala, ek'ke zala
Solne kala ek’ke re’sa paal
Naf’ke wae paal
Naf’ke wae paal

Star strewn sea without a map
Asleep for weeks with no corrections
Something reaches for out for me
But I don’t know from which direction
Could you be no different than me
Desperate words for currency
Broken lost alone and adrift

Ek'ke zala, ek'ke zala
Solne kala ek’ke re’sa paal
Naf’ke wae paal
Naf’ke wae paal


from SpinTunes #12: Round 3, released February 28, 2017




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