Wendy Fisher - Clickie Clappie (Shadow)

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This is an a cappella multitrack in 5/4. Because this is my first time submitting to Spin Tunes, I thought I'd call back to what I think was the first Spin Tunes challenge, which had to do with super powers (did I get that right?)

The characters are two villainesses and the slimy henchman who's playing them both. The first villainess, who can kill by simply clicking her tongue, is represented by the tongue click percussion. The second villainess, who can kill just by clapping her hands, is represented by the hand claps. The slimy henchman is represented by the choral banks sung by the hapless victims.


Chorus of Hapless Victims:
Clickie clappy finger-snappy killers / Madam killers / We’re all dying

Super Villain 1:
I could kill you all with a click of my tongue
Kneel before me
Don’t make me slobber

Slimy two-timing henchman:
You have my loyalty
Madam I’m awestruck

Super Villain 2:
I can kill you with a clap of my hands
Lookie there goes another
Puny inconvenience- lookie!


from SpinTunes #12: Round 4, released March 14, 2017




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