Atom & EV - Conspiracy Theory

from by Various Artists

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Johnny's in the basement
Worried 'bout the government
Tapping all the cell phones
Killing you with flying drones
Phasing out the one cent
Is this where all the taxes went?

Black choppers in the sky
The pyramid all- seeing eye
RFI chip up your nose
Poison you with GMO's
Toothpaste filled with flouride
Had an affair with princess Di

We'll be lizard people soon
Faked the landing on the moon
Stop by Area 51
Autopsy a rubber alien
Naked chemtrails in the air
What's up with Justin Beiber's hair?

New coke and classic coke
I think the president had a stroke
Killer bees, clover honey
We're going to electronic money
Freemasons have a secret handshake
Where was all the yellowcake?

The war in drugs -- CIA
Same ones that killed JFK
Celebrate New world Order
Trans Texas corridor
GM killed the electric car
Elvis's head lives in a jar

Never been a Bigfoot sighted
But a fake McCartney knighted
Who built the pyramids
Do you believe in giant squids
Is that the wrong North Pole
Going down the rabbit hole.

I've got a theory...
I've got a theory...
I've got a theory...
I've got a theory...


from SpinTunes #10: Round 3, released February 17, 2015




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