Emperor Gum - Costume (Squirrel Girl)

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Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!

So lately I've been feeling
Like my world has reached its end
I've got no one to call me honey
I've got no one to call me friend
But now the time has to come to find inside the real me

'Cause no one understands me
'Cept the squirrels and they can't speak
And school's no fun when all you learn
Is a tail makes you a freak
Why own these superpowers if the only thing they grant me
Is the power to be outcast and forever lonely?

See, I can do amazing things
Jump higher than a house
Run faster than a moving train
Make less noise than a mouse
So if I can't see woods for trees, its time to leave

So I've moved to New York City
To fight crime and prove my worth
I've beaten thugs from 8th to 59th
Made Central Park my turf
It doesn't matter who you are, you can't beat me
When I'm backed up by the squirrel army

I found society outside of social norms
Shoulder to shoulder I found a home
With the Great Lake Avengers, now all a girl can wish

Is for a certain New Warrior to taste a hazelnut kiss

I beat Doctor Doom for Ironman
For Speedball the Bug Eyed Voice
Deadpool and Pluto, too
Though Thanos was the choice
Of my foes who underestimated me

See, when I put this outfit on
It is not a disguise
It gives me real confidence
To any challenge rise

Though I was born as Doreen Green I've grown to be
A superhero who can beat anybody:

Squirrel Girl!


from SpinTunes #1: Round 1, released June 25, 2010
Emperor Gum




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