Steve Durand - Cuban Missile Mambo

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Miguel had a barbershop in old Havana
Back in 1962
One day Castro came in for a shave and a haircut
And said he wanted something new

What he told Miguel was quite a big surprise
Please shave off my beard so I won't be recognized
And all at once the shop was still with shock
But after a moment Fidel began to talk

I must confess that I am sore afraid
I think that the Americans are going to invade
And they've placed atomic missiles in Italy afar
Threatening our comrads in the great USSR

So now I'm at a loss I don't know what to do
I'm worried that our people's revolution may be through
I have always thought that the pesants can be wise
So won't you please tell me just what would you advise

Miguel paused and considered his reply
Until he finally decided to comply
Fidel, my friend, the answer's very clear
Tell Nikita Kruschev he can put his missiles here

And then
We'll do the Cuban missile mambo
The dance
Of nuclear diplomacy

So when there comes a fine October day
You can try this scheme to make the Americans go away
When Kennedy finds out, offer him a trade
Take the missiles out if they promise never to invade

Fidel was so excited he jumped out of his chair
Because he wanted to call Kruschev then and there
Miguel, I guess I won't be shaving after all
As a token of my thanks I'll give you one of my cigars

And then
We'll do the Cuban missile mambo
The dance
Of nuclear diplomacy


from SpinTunes #2: Round 3, released November 9, 2010
Steve Durand




Spintown Middletown, Ohio

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