Boffo Yux Dudes - Dancin' To The Nightlight

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The night falls when and I go to bed.
The shadows fill my soul with dread

Soon I extinguish my bedside light
the nightlight goes on, and soon begins my fright.

Out they come in 2s and 3s,
and God won't hear my silent pleas
to make the monsters go away
All I can do is watch and wait and pray…

Party Party Party Party Party Party Party Party
Party Party Party Party Party Party Party Party
Dancin to the nightlight. It's so fun to do
Dancin to the nightlight. I walked into a grue
Party Party Party Party Party Party Party Party

It all drives me so crazy - the sound making my thinking hazy,
it drives me just insane
They're very insistent, always consistent, and I'm resistant,
but I can't escape the throbbing, the throbbing in my brain ……..

Party Party Party Party Party Party Party Party
Dancin to the nightlight. We know it's not right!
Dancin to the nightlight. We can go all night!
Party Party Party Party Party Party Party Party

I wish they'd go away. I widh they'd leave but still they stay.
I turn out the light - but there's still the fright, and repeat the things they say.......

I'm still scared, but that looks like it's fun.
There's 9 glowing monsters and 3 on the run
I'll be in big trouble, if I stay awake
But who can sleep when all the walls shake?

Who can sleep when all the walls shake?

Party Party Party Party Party Party Party Party
Party Party Party Party Party Party Party Party

Door open… Billy ! I told you to get to sleep!
Sorry dad.


from SpinTunes #4: Round 1, released January 31, 2012




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