Wait What - Death: Everyone's Doing it!

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Death! Death! Death! Death!

Kids, sing along to this happy song.
It’s easy; there’s nothing to it.
It’s a song about Death.
Death is so darn cool.
Everyone is doing it.

Your father, your mother,
Your sister, your brother,
Even the ones who aren’t born yet.
It’s why grandpa’s not here.
Let us do the cheer:
D E A T H spells what?

It’s Death. DEATH! Take your last breath.
Embrace Death. Death!

Try some Death, kids, it ain’t so bad.
Drink the stuff under the sink; try on that bag.
Everyone’s doing it: elders and kids.
From “natural causes” all the way down to SIDS.

Mr. Rogers, Jim Henson, Captain Kangaroo,
And the Crocodile Hunter are waiting for you.
Dr. Seuss, Macho Man, and plenty more.
The guy from the Wiggles don’t wiggle anymore.

Try Death! DEATH! Take your last breath.
Embrace Death. DEATH! Death.

Imagine no more church or chores.
Imagine an end to being poor.
Imagine having no more debt.
Who needs money when you are dead?

Imagine no more stupid baths.
No more homework. No more school.
Imagine no more bedtimes because
You are Always Asleep! “COOL!”

It’s death. DEATH! Take your last breath.
Embrace Death. DEATH! Death..

In my rat-a-tat rap of a deathly prose
I suppose I compose that I decompose:
Understand, take my hand, don’t fear the Reaper:
Robe like a Jedi, hair like a Bieber.
Immortality is off yo’ wishlist
Unless you is motherf&%in jellyfishes.
Though I admit ghosts and shit are the illest:
“I see dead people, BRUCE WILLIS”
What the heck’s that bangin’ ho?
Quit knock knock knockin on heavens do'!
The Lion King knows about the Circle of Life
Like Nicole knows about OJ’s lucky knife.
The presence of death makes us equal, meth head
So get off my Temperpedic Craftamatic deathbed.
One death is tragic, a bunch a statistic.
The report of my death is exaggerated, bitches!

Death! Death! Death! Death!

Ok, now kids, I’d like to make a toast to Death
Raise your glasses of Kool-Aid…


from SpinTunes #3: Round 1, released June 21, 2011




Spintown Middletown, Ohio

I run a songwriting contest called SpinTunes. Most of the material hosted on this account is a result of that contest. You can follow the contest on Twitter (@SpinTunes) or my personal account (@Spintown).

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