Adam Sakellarides - Delbajifrasticderigibalistic

from by Various Artists



Jenny sits down at her desk to get some work done
But her body has urgles, so she eats some ice cream

But she’s still in some pain, so she goes to the doctor
And the doctor tells her they must replace her spleen

The doc says the mechanical versions will run just fine
But Jenny objects, and she sits and whines:

That’s how I feel / That’s what I mean
That's just how I’d feel if you removed my spleen

Now there goes Jenny walking on down the streets
Her stomach has grumbles, reminds her to eat

She looks at her map, and finds a small restaurant
Can’t wait for the bagel she so dearly wants

She’s reading directions to find her way around
Turn left, then straight, as she goes far westbound

T he buildings are tall, her GPS confusing it
The way she must got, she thinks that she’s losing it

Don’t know which way I should go on this street
I just want a bagel and to sip some tea

I’m so confused that I must be
I just want a bagel and to sip some tea


from SpinTunes #12: Round 3, released February 28, 2017




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