James Young - Elbonia! Elbonia!

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I have chosen the fictional country of Elbonia, as featured in the Dilbert comic strip. See search.dilbert.com/comic/Elbonia for more background information.


Elbonia, Elbonia, Elbonia, Elbonia

Elbonia, the greatest fourth world nation of them all
With waist high mud across the land, it looks so beautiful
Slave labour provides limitless outsourcing potential
Our Leprauchan meat is the most delicious in the world

Elbonia, Elbonia, Elbonia, Elbonia

Our Soviet-era nuclear arsenal can't be ignored
Delivered with precision - that's what catapults are for
We'll crush the North Elbonians & win the civil war
All our other enemies will cry like little girls… Cry like little girls...

Elbonia, Elbonia, Elbonia, Elbonia

Our rivers run deep
Our mountains reach high
Our neighbours in Kneebonia
They have got to...
Die! Die! Die! Die! Die! Die! Die! Die!

Elbonia, Elbonia, Elbonia, Elbonia


from SpinTunes #9: Round 1, released July 15, 2014




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