Ethan Ivey - Entry 3 (Shadow)

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I’m with a friend and we decide that we should hang out outside
But Its gettin dark and I go in because I don’t wanna die
See slender man sittin starin through the window every night
We can’t fight, it’s all been tried, so we just wait here and hide

His evil face is full of nothing, there no features or lines
Just empty sockets where his Hideous is supposed to have eyes
You don’t believe me but I promise you aren’t hearing no lies
It’s really him! I swear to you I’m not just playin this time.

K, I admit last time I had a friend in a suit
I even gave him twenty dollars for the slender salute
But now its real. I don’t like bein face-to-face with the brute
Look there he is! Dude drop the bat it’s time to get up and scoot

It doesn’t matter, weapons seem to not have any effect
They bounce right off him I don’t even think the bullets connect
He’s from another crazy world and I’d be willing to bet
that asshole’s here to make the human race his personal pet

It’s slender man, he’s coming for you better be scared
You’ll let him take your lame ass over if you’re not well prepared
Just get rid of all your cameras, film and bust out your gat
Make sure you’re armed don’t just go running after him with a bat

Yeah. Like that one guy from everyman… that guy was awesome….

He stands at seven feet and he is lanky as shit
You’d think that with a car he would be easy to hit
But oh no! Don’t even try it or you’ll wake in a fit
When you find out that someone’s missing. This aint even legit.

It’s time to call the damn police, the army, navy, marines
The air force, anyone else that might be able to see
The thing we’re fighting is invincible or so it would seem
What the hell? I just woke up in a room I’ve never seen

My neighbor’s actin crazy like she knows me or some
Things going on here, I can tell. Where did this camera come from?
She opens up, we’re bout to leave when I’m attacked by a bum
In a mask, I’m out the door before he makes me succumb

I should call Evan, yeah! If anyone would know what do to
It would be him. Next time he’ll have to bring a shotgun or two
We’ll take on Slender man and all his little cronies to boot


from SpinTunes #3: Round 3, released July 16, 2011
This is heavily influenced by the two youtube series "Marblehornets" and "EverymanHYBRID". To fully understand the premise of this song, you should check them out. I basically wrote this the night the challenge was posted (though it has been edited many times) and I worked on the rhythm element all week. This was a fun project and I am very proud of it, even though I'm not that into rap. The title "Entry 3" was suggested to me by a friend and fits the song pretty well (Marblehornets titles all his slenderman videos "Entry #")




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