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I thought the obvious route to take would be a hip hop-like tune since if I created a beat, that could carry the song...

I'm not the best sounding rapper, but the words are alright. Hope you enjoy.


It's really not surprising that the list of what I fear
Is pretty short and simple and it's relatively clear
1 is death, 2 is dying and 3 is that I say
all the things I should have said a day after the day

I have a fear that I'll never be more than just a worker
ant in a colony where the Queen can't get it right
I spend everyday doing the same thing over
and over again and I never see the light

I don't want to struggle with money for the rest of my life
I fear I won't be a good parent or I'll grow unhappy with a wife.
There are days when I look back and think I never had direction
And think how far off I am in the pursuit of perfection

I fear not being religious will come back to haunt me
I fear that God and even Satan too wouldn't want me
I used to be afraid of singing you my songs
but now that's overshadowed by how loud you sing along

A wise man said, those who face their fears are better men
and I don't know why if given the chance some would waste it all again


from SpinTunes #4: Round 4, released March 13, 2012




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