Noah McLaughlin - Fear Drive (Shadow)

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Article: "Georgia Immigration | Many await the judge’s decision" from the Monday, June 25 Atlanta Journal Constitution

More info about Georgia House Bill 87:


The Inmans' boy was a healthy sixteen
When Gonzalez hit their car and shattered their dreams
It was Father's Day; they were on the way to dinner
Kathy was cripppled but Dustin won't wake
The Mexican who hit them is at large to this day
Yeah, the Feds they let a murderer right on through
"We've been through hell,"
Mother intones
Her her anger and fear and desperation

Now one Gary Polk's a hard-working man
With 20 folks on the payroll
Not murderers just them what se hablo espagnol
His family-owned farm has already lost
About $200 grand in blackberry crops
Because his workers are too afraid to show
He says "I could find work,
Could learn how to bend,
But what the hell are they all gonna do?”

But there are still people like Judy Craft
For her these spics are just a drain
"The law is law," she says "and right is right."
She the more she shouts, the more she is afraid

As Gonzalez slipped away from the Inman's collision
Fernando Juarez made a fateful decision
And swam the Rio to feed the ones he loved
He started up his own landscaping business
And eventually settled with his wife and three children
In Chamblee, just down the street from me
"I work very hard,
And I want to take part"
But he could be deported today

How long can this fear drive us around?
How long can this fear drive us to ground?


from SpinTunes #3: Round 2, released June 30, 2011




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