Boffo Yux Dudes - Footprints (Shadow)

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My name is Chtchth, cockroach archaeologist
We have found a strange fossil, and here is the twist:
I am am sending you pictures to help analyze
This mystery structure of gigantic size

Is it a trench, or some kind of a pool?
A burial plot, or remains of a school?
A place to house weapons? A place to store food?
Will we ever know which guess is really true?

We’ve scoured the ground and can find no more clues
Our archives have puzzling references to “shoes”
The humans of legend left no explanation
Of this mystery vexing the whole cockroach nation

The generals think it’s a trench for waging war
The doctors say it’s the remains of an ICU floor
Others think the five pods are all shell-tanning booths
I think it’s all a crock, to tell you the truth


from SpinTunes #5: Round 4, released August 15, 2012




Spintown Middletown, Ohio

I run a songwriting contest called SpinTunes. Most of the material hosted on this account is a result of that contest. You can follow the contest on Twitter (@SpinTunes) or my personal account (@Spintown).

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