MC Ohm​-​I - Furby Life

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Everybody in the place. Yeah, the nerd is back.
MC Ohm-I is spittin' Furby raps

Dear Furby, there's something that I must address
So I'm writing you this letter cause I must confess
That you're the favorite toy that I love the best
It's the truth, I wouldn't touch the rest

Of them toys that the girl and boys always enjoy, see
I love the random words you say. They never annoy me
I may not understand all your Furbish talk
But for 500 miles this nerd would walk

Just to find you so you're always at my side
I'm not ashamed to have you. I react with pride
Every time a girl walks up and asks if I
Think that holding you makes me an attractive guy.

But I don't care what they think
They keep can criticizing my nerdiest kinks
I'mma love you forever although you're purple and pink
And your colors stand out like a turd in a sink

I need you Furby
I'll never leave you Furby
F U R B Y, it's the Furby life
For the nerdy life

Dear Furby, back in 2012
They upgraded you and put you on the aisles on the shelves
Of the toy store. And that's when I
Realized that I needed you at my side

My favorite toy that's an animate object
If people don't like you I'm demanding the logic
That makes them not realize how awesome you are
Guess they've never seen you dance while taking shots at a bar

I'm not looking far for my favorite friend
You put me at ease like Asian Zen
I see these other toys around and I'm not cravin' them
Cause they're not as cool as you. It's amazing when

I'm rapping and singing and you're dancing along
You make everybody want to dance to the song
As you read this letter and the words I write
Let it known that I'm gonna spread the Furby life

They say that my passion is strange
But Furby, I love the way that you're dancing for days
It's the Furby life. I'm not passing a phase
You walk and you talk and your actions amaze

Don't listen to what the haters have to say
Cause Furby, I love it when you laugh and play
Leaving you alone would be a sad mistake
I'll play with you from Sunday to Saturday

You're playful and cheerful. Forever too funny.
I'll be around to feed you whenever you're hungry.
I'll make sure your food is never too crummy
Imaginary eggs are never too runny

We'll do whatever two best friends could try
Friends that won't part unless either die
This letter is the truth. There's affection inside
Signed, your best friend. MC Ohm-I


from SpinTunes #7: Round 1, released January 9, 2013




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