"BucketHat" Bobby - Glad You Came

from by Various Artists

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When the evening's winding down,
And we got no place to be
I'm thinking you could come around
And cuddle next to me

You say you got no obligations,
But that your mama won't approve
I say " Well, don't bring your relations"
And now your eyes say "make a move".

I say "I'm okay either way, but if you don't it really would be a shame.
But if you do, baby I'd be glad you came."

And now the record player's playin'
And now the candles set the mood
You say the dinner smells Amazin'
But you don't care about the food.

And now you got your arms around me
And now you whisper in my ear
And now your body looks astounding
And now I can't believe I'm here

I say "it ain't what I expected but I'm enjoying it all the same".
I want you to know that baby, I'm so glad you came.

And now we're resting in the embers,
And now we're trying to catch our breath.
This is a night I will remember
This is a night you won't forget

You tell me how it was amazing
I say you're being too kind
You're either one talented actress
Or I completely blew your mind.

I see you're turning kinda red, but there ain't no need to be ashamed.
It was good for me too, and baby, I'm just glad you came.


from SpinTunes #10: Round 1, released January 20, 2015




Spintown Middletown, Ohio

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