Charlie McCarron - Grandma And Grandpa

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Fireflies flicker through the grass, been growing so long
And the moon casts blue shadows on the screen porch, but nobody's home
Scrawled in red pen and tucked into the doorframe a note
Says Grandma and Grandpa
Went down to the lake for adventure
No need to wait
Cause we've gone looking for fun and we won't be back

A silvery canoe slips through water so silent and smooth
Like a knife through warm butter, Grandpa's paddle steers them through
Grandma leans back in his lap, and takes in the stars
There goes Orion, protecting the night
Seven Sisters, eternally bright
And far off in the distance I see
The one star that's been waiting for me tonight

Arm in arm we wait for the sun to rise

Grandpa looks back towards the shore, but it's already gone
He says, "Darling I've paddled too far, there's nothing but fog"
She takes him by the hand and looks into his eyes
And says, "Trust in the moonlight, it's led us this far"
Not knowing is only the start
We're going where just you and me
Release our memories and dreams to run free
We're ready, we're leaving this world behind


from SpinTunes #3: Round 1, released June 21, 2011
Donna Schubbe & Matt Schubbe on vocals




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