Brian Gray - Grind (Shadow)

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The calm before the storm.
The turning of my socket calls to mind
An old-time barrel organ grinder and his... friend?
A twist and there’s a stage.
A twist and there’s a ferris wheel, the fair is real,
It’s time!
The lights and the music, excitement and fusion of
Wonder and energy here in the carnival of my soul.
I want to conduct the electrical motion
A tamer, magician, or acrobat under the pole.
Everything in control.

Someday, I’ll advance to be the dancing monkey on display,
Cause if it’s true that’s what you do, I guess it’s what you do
Until it’s time for me to headline the midway.
And someday, I am sure to be securing life as it’s designed.
It’s just my part in reaching farther than the popcorn cart.
I’m sure, I’ve nothing more to do but grind.

Alonzo and his cats,
Leela on the ring stock showing scars and limps
In payment for their stars upon the bill.
A drink to mask the ache, and deeper ache,
As if the booze could disabuse my drive!
And Buddy the zanie and Hooper the trainer
Are under the thrall of a pitch that is almost convincing.
And here all around me are people who know
What it’s like to be one of the people who enter the ring.
Which is the only thing.

So someday, I might chance to be the dancing monkey on display,
Cause if they say that’s what you do, then I'll believe it’s true.
Just wait in line until my time to join the cabaret.
And someday, I’ll be sure I can endure whatever life I find,
Playing my part among the martyrs to a work of art.
To start, all that I have to do is grind.

Someday, as you’re glancing at the dancing monkey on display,
Though it may fool you into ooh-ing at the big to-do,
Spare a thought for one who’s taught this was the only way.
And someday, when I ought to have forgotten options left behind,
I could be smart and have the heart to give up and restart.
Til then, I’m churning again my daily grind.


from SpinTunes #7: Round 4, released August 20, 2013




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