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This song was based on the artwork 'Sweet Halloween Dreams' by the artist begemott. If the judges are curious, they can view the image here:



Sleep tight, dreams will never hurt you
Rest and night will soon be done
Nightmares, no matter how they scare you
They'll scatter in the morning sun

But its not dreams I fear
I'm afraid to even open my eyes
A monster lurks here I'm sure
When its dark it will arise

Guardian, they say you're just a toy
What you do it so much more than to bring me joy
Guardian, you must be brave
When I sleep its me you save

Each night, knocking at my window
When I look there's nothing there
I fear, there's always something hiding
You're here to protect me, Teddy Bear

The monster creeps here I'm sure
I know its waiting till I close my eyes
Holding you I've nothing to fear
When I sleep you will arise

Guardian, you're more than just a toy
Standing ever watchful over every girl and boy
Guardian, I know its true
I will always trust in you


from SpinTunes #7: Round 1, released January 9, 2013




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