Emperor Gum (featuring Niveous & Denise Hudson) - Halcyon

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Based on the ancient Greek myth of Ceyx & Alycone, though you don't really need to know that.


It's war, we all do our part
If I could stay, you think I'd go?
Yes, I know you have ill feelings about this trip
That I'll drown aboard this ship

I'll see, I'll see you soon
Alcy, Alcy, I won't desert you

'Cause there no home, no home
No home without you
I hope, I hope
That I will return to you

The sun sets on the North Sea
You're going away, you leaving me

As you board the ship
You look around
You sail today
For you're duty bound

Don't you hear me call
As the night falls?
Won't you come home to my door
Leave other men's wars

I kissed you goodbye
As the clock stole our time
Now I wave you farewell
But you're lost, you were mine!

Did I cause you such a smart
That I turned away your heart?
Do you so despise my presence
That you so long for my absence?!

Because the fear that I'm losing you
Chills me to the bone
In my dreams I've seen you drown
To leave me here alone
Please don't go!

Alcy, the storm wreaked the ship
Drowning, I'm under the waves
With my last breath
I'll call to you

Morning comes to greet me, were it you
Darkened dreams no comfort, you've gone
Ceyx, every second seemed to fly with you near
To be with you once more in those

Halcyon days (before the storm)
Always with you (we'd never part)
As kingfishers true (together again)
I wish I could change (turn into birds)

We'd fly away from mankind and wars
To find a place of a peace for Halcyon days


from SpinTunes #7: Round 2, released July 23, 2013
Niveous: vocals (Ceyx)
Denise Hudson: vocals (Alcyone) & piano




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