Brian Gray - Happy Me

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Morning Me is a me who can be unpleasant.
Ride the train, get to work, don't engage with anyone ‘til the morning’s done.
Morning Me, typically, hasn't had his coffee.
No I'm not interested in your petition at this time. Find some other guy to sign.
Don't talk to Morning Me.

Deadline Me is a me holding it together
Late at night, in the dark, just a keyboard and a screen, locked in quarantine.
Deadline Me used to be from the distant future,
Future Me holding strong, absent any doubt. Now he’s freaking out.
No one likes Deadline Me.

Made of all the Mes and none of them.
Then I’m with you, and somehow you take me from
Swarmed by the cacophany of the drum
And you do your magic and I become
Just plain old Happy Me.

Mortgage Me is a me buzzing in a low key
Little bit everyday like a chorusing of moans discussing student loans.
Mortgage Me proffers we maybe jigsaw it a bit,
Borrow this, pay for that, try to sleep with fewer fears 'til the paycheck clears.
God help Mortgage Me


Poser Me is a me sure I'm kidding myself.
And it's like who am I thinking I can be enough to handle all this stuff?
Poser Me likes to see if in psyching me out
He can make me believe that there's nowhere left to go then say, "I told you so."
What's up with Poser Me?



from SpinTunes #12: Round 4, released March 14, 2017




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