Lucky Witch & The Righteous Ghost - Hatebaby

from by Various Artists



Hatebaby: the opposite of a love child.


D Gm Bm Dbdim
you’re such a sad thing
sewn together from my fears
made of angry love
and lonely as the night

desperate and unnatural
the wake of my failures
born out of pain
no one spoke to you for days

chorus: F#m Eb D G
can you love her, can you feed her
our little hatebaby
can you teach her, can you reach her
our tiny hatebaby
can you show her the affection
she never would have known
can you love her, will you teach her

you’re not like other children
skulking in the shadows
I never heard your laughter
I’ve never seen you run

something about your strangeness
pulls at my heart
I hate to hear you cry
you should never have to hide

you left us
I did the best I could
she’s such a sad thing, but
this child is yours and mine

such a sad thing (this child is yours and mine)
such a sad thing (this child is yours and mine)
such a sad thing (this child is yours and mine)


from SpinTunes #12: Round 3, released February 28, 2017
R. Brookes McKenzie: vocals, Q-chord
E. Niveous Rayside: guitar




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