Riker's Island - Hell​​-​​A​​-​​X

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We chose to write about going through airport security.


It's a beautiful morning
And I'm headed somewhere beautiful
Packed everything I need
And it's high time I speed
Away from here

I've waited five minutes
And soon this will end
My vacation begins
Just around that bend
But my belt and my shoes
First must be taken off
Stopping just shy of "turn your head and cough"
I approach that machine
With a nervous stride

My adventure awaits
On the other side
Of that security gate

"Excuse me sir; please step to the side"
The agent believes I have something to hide
Inside of my luggage: a suspicious package

...well isn't that great

It seems these days we're giving freedoms away
To pay for freedom and keep baddies at bay
If you ask me, this policy is crazy

...looks like I'm gonna be late

Oh how I wish I could proceed
But security feels the need
To inspect me with bomb sniffing instruments
My threat level's measured in 3.5 ounce increments

I wish that I could fly away

I wish that I could fly away


from SpinTunes #7: Round 2, released July 23, 2013
Kevin Savino-Riker: acoustic guitars, bass, drums & vocals
Lyrics and music by Kevin Savino-Riker & Tiffany Thompson




Spintown Middletown, Ohio

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