Inverse T. Clown - Hey, Jessie

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This is a sequel to "Jessie's Girl" by Rick Springfield.


I'll warn you as a friend
To keep her close
'Cause there's no tellin' what I'll do
My cute obsession's
Gotten pretty gross
And I'll do anything
To take her from you

Hey, Jessie
I'm not standing by any longer
I'm not the kind of man
I used to be
I won't have many chances
Left to squander
When I get out
Your girl belongs to me

I've missed you both so much
Since I've been gone
I carved her name into my chest
I realized afterward
It's upside-down
But it's the thought that counts
And I did my best

Hey, Jessie
I just can not wait to visit
I'm not the kind of man
I used to be
It's not too late to
Educate you, is it?
I'm sure you'll learn
Your girl belongs to me

Destiny has shined on me
I know I must be with her
Try to stop me this time
And they'll pull you from the river

I'll make her swoon with all
The things I say
And she'll be mine forevermore
'Cause if she ever tries
To run away
I'll throw her down the basement stairs
And lock the fucking door

Hey, Jessie
Get this thru your stupid head, man
I'm not the kind of man
I used to be
As soon as I'm released
You're such a dead man
And when you are
Your girl belongs to me

Hey, Jessie
Let this be your last reminder
I'm not the kind of man
I used to be
No matter where you run
I'm gonna find her
And when I do
Your girl belongs to me


from SpinTunes #2: Round 2, released October 26, 2010
Inverse T. Clown




Spintown Middletown, Ohio

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