Red Watcher - Hopeless Dreamer (Shadow)

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This was a huge rush to finish. But it was indeed inspired to by the challenge and it just wouldn't feel right without adding it.

It was suppose to be the struggles to get lucky for the night, but the singer hasn't been a good partner and finds his romantic relationship as a maze, to find his love once again. It was suppose to sound yearning.


No one
Loves you more than I, but I
Take for granted the love you supply
Take for granted the love you supply

Should I feel lost
In this labyrinth of lust,
You're the only one left I can trust
You're the only one left I can trust

My mind slips inside your dress
Such a delicate touch could impress
Just to tell I don't love any less

Help me
Open my eyes
To your beautiful world
I'm not a romantic

But someday
When the moment is right
Will you come to my arms?
And maybe some dancing will

The passionate fire
Help me
My lavish desire
Like our wedding night
When you vowed to lay with my life
And I never knew why


from SpinTunes #10: Round 1, released January 20, 2015
Possibly inspired by "God Only Knows" from The Beach Boys & possibly Brandon Flowers, with the song "Only The Young".




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