The Ken Kesey Fan Club - How To Seduce Women

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Hey, yeah, nice to meet you.

Hey baby,
do you wanna see my bedroom?
So I can show you (show you) how much
I love you.

And by "you"
I mean your vagina.
I love your vagina.
I wanna see your vagina.
And I wanna penetra-

Oh shit, sorry, sorry, that was uh... that was inappropriate. Could we just start over?

Hey baby,
Wanna get out of this bar?
We could go to the backseat (backseat)
of my car.
And there I can show you
how much I want you.

And by "you"
I mean your booty.
I really like your booty.
I wanna touch that booty.

Oh, sorry, shit, that was bad too... alright uhm, could we start over just one more time?

Hey baby,
my name is Daniel,
and your name is Jess- Julia.
I see you have a Doctor (doctor) Who shirt
I like that movie too.
I'm glad you think I'm cute.
I don't live very far away.

Yeah, no, I'm just parked out back. Yeah, let's go

Oh Julia,
Julia, Julia, Julia...

No baby-

No, I really don't want to cuddle. Sorry.


from SpinTunes #10: Round 1, released January 20, 2015




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