Ben Taggart - How Was Your Day? (Shadow)

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I was just sitting there going through Pinterest looking at some really cute cat pics, when Pete called up, Pete Davis, not Pete next door, and complained about how he had spent all of yesterday at the vet getting stitches for his dog, the little one, Mitzy, not the pit bull, 'cause Mitzy had gotten in a fight with that ferret, you know the one that keeps getting out and digging in our garden?, but really, he just went on and on and then when he finally stopped for a breath I tried to get a word in edgewise and tell him about our new roses and how they are blooming early, but Pete had to go because someone was honking outside his house and he had to go and se what's up and since we can see Pete's house out our back window, I ran upstairs to see if I could see what was going on, but it turned out to just be someone honking at Pete's dog, the pit bull this time, because Mitzy is still on bedrest, so then I went back to the office to try to get some more work done, but I only had ten minutes before the conference call with Austin , and you know how rough those can be, so I had to get all my notes in order and call in five minutes early to touch base with Mike and Rushin about the Berlin deal because you know how big that is and the Austin people will want to know where we're at with that, but apparently There's a problem with the contract for the site so obviously that call didn't go so well and then Mike says Jim quit so now I have to take over the Southeast accounts, so that took the rest of the afternoon and when I was about to get back to my regular work, the phone rang again, but it was Lucy this time, Lucy who owns that ferret which it seems had gotten out again and she was wondering if I had seen "poor, lost Mister Raggles," so I had to go out to the garden to see if that stupid tube-rat was digging in the strawberries again, but it wasn't, and I told her so, promising to keep an eye out, though I wanted to tell her what I thought about that ridiculous animal, but if I did that I probably wouldn't get to watch the game on Jack's widescreen, so I held my peace, but I swear the next time that weasel gets in our garden I'm setting traps and telling Lucy that Mister Raggles has run off to join the weasel circus and I know Jack will laugh silently to himself 'cause he's told me himself how he feels about that thing, so I can't believe that the majority of my day was spent dealing with a delinquent rodent, but enough about me, how was yours?


from SpinTunes #10: Round 3, released February 17, 2015




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