Inverse T. Clown - I Have A Leap

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The first time that they met
She stabbed him in the chest
He went in DOA
There's no ifs, ands or buts
The lady, she was nuts
And there goes MLK

If help had shown up sooner
who knows where he'd be
But I guess there's no use speculating;
Martin Luther King -- RIP

A flash of pale, blue light
A hero has arrived
He took a stranger's place
No one there can tell
That he's somebody else
Behind the stranger's face

There's only one who knows
His name is really Sam
And that's his friend with all the information
But he's just a hologram

Now, he's a New York cop in 1958
He's got to get to Blumstein's fast
Ziggy says his odds aren't looking all that great
But he's on a quest to fix the past

The first time that they met
She stabbed him in the chest
But Sam was there in time
He pulled her from her prey
And much to her dismay
The Doctor would survive

In fact, he'd live another
Ten years, working strong
And a job well done, now Sam would keep on Leaping
Putting right what once went wrong


from SpinTunes #2: Round 3, released November 9, 2010
Inverse T. Clown




Spintown Middletown, Ohio

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