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The production here was rushed - there's a whole other bridge and
lead part I'd like to add, but this is the jist of it. I used "voice
memo". There are a couple of wording differences - the printed lyrics
here are what was intended.

The earliest home console standalone Pong games included a sine-wave tone generator that would beep a short note through the television
speaker whenever the ball bounced off a paddle or side wall. When I
thought of Pong, the note patterns it played were stuck in my head - I
tried to build the song around the essence of that pattern as I
remember it. If by chance you've never heard Pong (or Breakout), the
sound in this YouTube clip gives some of the relevant aural context:


Toys these days are too fast
Old ones never last
This is the one from the past
I'm longing to play
On this toy we'd pounce
Smiles and all of the bounce in our step
Lights and the sounds we remember
To lighten our day:
What is the point of this song?
I like Pong!
Yes there are board games
Like checkers and chess
Physical markers can make quite a mess
When we play all of the day
Some parents find it a terrible sin
They prefer toys you don't even...plug in!
Here's where my efforts belong:
Nolan Bushnell's not wrong
What's the point of this song?
I like Pong.
I like Pong!


from SpinTunes #7: Round 1, released January 9, 2013




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