MC Ohm​-​I - If You Don't Like Gay Marriage

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They say that being gay is not natural
And Without giving actual facts that are found factual
They keep banning gay marriage saying
Two men or women in love can't be pushing the same carriage

Then they follow up with marriage is sacred
But clearly they don't know how high the divorce rate is
So I'mma hit you with the facts for those who have missed it
The figures, graphs and digits that show marriage statistics

41% of kids are born out of wedlock
And 48% of marriages end in a dead stop
Which means almost half the US in now divorced
And only 38% of moms are getting child support

Examine your statement if you say marriage is sacred
Cause the American nation is fallin' into question
Of whether or not we support equal expression
So rest easy on your homophobic oppression

You don't like gay marriage (then don't get gay married x3)

If you don't like gay marriage (then don't get gay married x3)

The reproduction topic? Ya'lls hater need to stop it
That's something that Ohm-I can easily defeat with logic
If that's your arguments, you aren't doing it properly
Let me teach you all a lesson on human biology

A woman has the ability to give birth then it's lost
During her mid-life when she's going through menopause
Men get wild in bed and their actions are feral
But gettin' older makes their ejaculate sterile

So if gay marriage is unnatural cause they can't reproduce
Hopefully, this verse I'm spittin' will help you see the truth
Lack of kids isn't a valid reason cause then again
Marriage would be illegal for senior citizens

like Antoine Dodson said "That's really, really dumb"
"For real". Take a closer look at what we have become
Society is changing and the change should be recognized
Acceptance for everyone. No one should be left behind


from SpinTunes #6: Round 3, released February 26, 2013




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