Dr. Lindyke with Cherry Pi & Spintown - It Happens To Everyone (Shadow)

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One night I settled my aim upon a fine dame
One look at her frame would light a hot flame
I told her Dr. Lindyke was my stage name
She heard of my fame.
She liked my A-game.

She invited me into her door... on the second floor
and I was sure... that I was gonna score, like the corps
On the shore in the war... and our rapport
It would be the stuff of lore
I turned my face to the fore, to the woman I adore
To pour out my amour,

but nothing more...

[trumpet fail...]

This never happened before... no recollection
Hopin' to have some time... for introspection
Tryin' to get in the mood.... for reconnection
Rekindle my affection... for her complexion
The sweet confection of - our love connection
Imagine my dejection at - her interjection

"Cain't... Cain't get it up! Cain't... Cain't get it up!"
"Cain't... Cain't get it up! Cain't... Cain't get it up!"


"Lindyke, what in the hell are you doing?"
"I'm doin' the challenge. I'm singing about a lost erection."
"That's not the challenge. You're supposed to sing about the ELECTION. an E-LLLECTION."
"Oh. well that's very different. Nevermind. (It's still about a dick, though)"


from SpinTunes #12: Round 1, released January 31, 2017
Song by Dr. Lindyke
Vocals by Dave Leigh
Guest Vocals by Travis Langworthy (Spintown) and Cherry Pi




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