Boffo Yux Dudes - It's My Hometown, Syracuse, Baby!

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(spoken intro)
When I think back to the places I've lived
There's something, special, about all of them
And yet, and yet there's one place
That somehow stands apart
You know what I'm talking about

The people in town are all a buzzing
6 inches of snow is just a dusting
Walking by the side of the Erie Canal

But I'm still missing the place
Where we first had that embrace
It's got less sun than any other locale

Syracuse baby, It's my town
(been away so long, I need a coney dog)

There's plenty of things to do when you're feeling down
(Check out the leaves in fall, then you can hit the mall)

Don't eat your coneys at Heid's with a knife and a fork
It's the best large town in mid-central New York

Jamesville Beach- Balloons in the air
Varsity Wings and pitchers of beer
When you're in the mood, you gotta regatta

There are concentrations total
Cheering for the coxswain's yodel
Down the length of the brackish Onondaga

Syracuse, honey, I want to spend some time
(Belgian Waffle Fight - Eggplant up all night)

To remember when we both said you are mine
(You're on the wall it's true - at Dino BBQ)

That upside-down street light is really groovin'
Green's at the Tipp top, baby..., let's get movin'!

The music in town ain't no snooze
U2, the Police - intimate debuts
Then they played at the Dome, and made the place Rock

Harry Chapin at the landmark was more a treat.
His Benny concert had us on our feet
That old Krusty Cabbie had lines 'round the block

Syracuse, honey, has a place in my heart
('Bud' Vanderveer, got his start right here)
Like Eddie Flum Num, The Play Lady, Mr. Trolly's cart
(Butter sculpture chair - Pizza Fritte at the Fair)

It's the place I remember when we were young and free
It's my home town - Syracuse baby!


from SpinTunes #2: Round 1, released October 10, 2010
Boffo Yux Dudes




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