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If it were you
What would you do
If there were drones overhead
To observe your every move

And hey
What would you say
If the pilots fired their missiles
From eight thousand miles away

To them
It's just the same
As sitting on the sofa
Playing at a video game

They kill
From nine to five
Then they punch the timeclock
And go home to kiss their wives

Is it a just war
Or is it just war
Is it a just war
Or is it just war

The President
Need only speak
And a life can be snuffed out
By executive decree

To see
His will be done
He's judge, jury, hangman
All rolled in to one

He says
It's justified
Because the teachings of Saint Augustine
Make everything all right

But we
Can plainly see
What a beacon of morality
The Catholic Church can be

Is it a just war
Or is it just war
Is it a just war
Or is it just war

Barack Obama
More drone kills than any other Nobel Peace Prize winner

Though some
May disagree
The President has just approved
Their use domestically

If it was you
What would you do
You'd better make your mind up
'Cause it's gonna happen soon


from SpinTunes #6: Round 3, released February 26, 2013




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