Felix Frost - Leaving Lyman's Liquor Store

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This song is set in the wild west, in the point of view of a man who's quitting the old liquor store he runs in order to be a bandit. He goes out onto the frontier looking for towns to rob and eventually steals a load of gems from a diamond mine. But things don't turn out great for him at the end...


Last day at the liquor store.
I won this shack with a dead man's hand
and every tonic brand was my personal chosen chore.

Quittin' time forever and I'm hittin' the road.
This town is made of copper and I'm spanning for gold.
My soul is now owed to all the spirits I've ever sold.

Leaving my life as a booze-peddling debtor.
It ain't great to be “Wanted” but richer is better.
I'm sick of my life lying drunk in a ditch.
A crook might be filthy but some strike it rich.

(Chorus 2)
Gonna be an outlaw.
Bandit of the sand land sun band.
Gonna loot the mineshafts
and swipe the whiskey from the saloons.

Had to sell the shop to that banker, Mr. Rice
and as he drew the papers I blew his safe with dynamite.
The haul was light but it would have to suffice.

Sheriff Marshall Shark came after me.
But I smashed a barrel of ale and set fire to the trail.
He slid right through the cliff side rail and I rode on, free.

(Chorus 2)


Here I am, alone on the frontier.
Nothing here to steal.
Shared my booze with a migrant miner family
in exchange for a meal.

Ventured further west
following the tracks.
Entered Iron City
and a stick-up filled my sacks.

Waiting for me there was old Sheriff Shark.
Me and his men shared a shootout in the dark.

Gotta load of gems from a diamond mine
and a guy went loony to defend them.
The crystals are a color that I've never seen before
and my golden teeth are itching to spend them.

A silver reward to fetch me
but no one will ever catch me.
All I need right now is liquor and gold.
These gems will pay a fortune when I take them to be sold.

They had me surrounded at the Tumbleweed Ravine.
I was cornered behind boulders, trapped like a rat.
I crushed the jewels that I had stole to destroy the evidence.
But the sound it made gave me away and they had me in a second flat.

Here I am, in Sheriff Shark's jail cell,
watching him sip my old whiskey.
I think I can bust out and get back my powdered prize
but damn it if it ain't too risky.


from SpinTunes #5: Round 1, released July 2, 2012
Written & performed by Ben Simon.




Spintown Middletown, Ohio

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