Boffo Yux Dudes - Life Is A Meme (So The Internet Told Me) (Shadow)

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Our homage to Reunion, R.E.M. and K-Tel lps.


Keyboard Cat and Ask a Ninja 
Philosoraptor made me snicka 
Advice Dog don't make no sense 
But Courage Wolf's a bit intense 
Joseph Ducreux speaks real fancy 
Tron Guy's just a cosplay nancy 
Sneezing Baby Panda's cute
And Planking is a real hoot 
Epic Beard and Winnebago 
Whatever, man, don't tase me, bro! 
Randy Pausch gave his last lecture 
In some spacious architecture 
Leeroy Jenkins likes to fight 
And them Boom! Goes the dynamite 
He still can't take on Kimbo Slice
Who’s Rage Guy comics come to life
Life is a meme so the internet told me 
I surf all night till my eyeballs can’t see 
I see so much, nothing sticks completely 
Though my head’s full, I’m as dumb as a tree
Chuck Norris is toughest of them all
Though Afro Ninja can take a fall
2 Girls 1 cup will appeal to ya
If you’re into corprophilia
Bert is Evil, don’t be fooled
Miss South Carolina could use some school
Gem Sweater Lady’s fashion rules
She’ll drop some science on you fools
Dramatic Chipmunk’s on alert
For Disaster Girl, who wants you hurt
Socially Awkward Penguin moans
That he is Forever Alone
Angry German Kid needs Ritalin
One Red Paper Clip’s a win
Happy Tree Friends gross face splat
Battle at Kruger’s more accurate
Life is a meme so the internet told me 
I can’t keep up, I’m still stuck in last week 
I don’t make sense talking to my family 
Might as well give up and get a job in I.T.
Mark Mathis thinks he so wacky
Just a nutjob, send him packing
Star Wars kid thinks he’s a Jedi
Not so much, bud, oh, well, nice try
First World Problems should just bag it
It’s Tourette’s guy now, O, Bob Saget!
Long Cat’s song is kinda weird
Like TechnoViking’s crazy beard 
Where is Matt?  'Cause he can dance 
But Mosh Girl needs some longer pants 
Pedobear and Photobombing 
Just some memes that are alarming
Memes they come and go so fast
And very few will ever last
Try to keep up if you dare
I’ve got no brain cells left to spare
Life is a meme so the internet told me 
It’s impacted me, so I go there boldy 
I though I was hip till the kids Rickrolled me 
At the end of my rainbow is a Nyan Kitty  (reference musically as well) 


from SpinTunes #6: Round 1, released January 29, 2013
Al Morgan - Wacky notes
Tom Giarrosso - Dulcet Tones




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