MC Ohm​-​I - Love Her Again In Hell

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My love for her was steady
My body wasn't ready
For me, she never made time
I never complained or whined
And I could never get her out of my mind.

I've been to plenty of conventions. Seen a lotta females.
The nights always ended great. Won't get into the details
Whether comics, video games or anime's the main theme
The girls standing near the booths always look amazing

There was one in particular I laid my eyes on
She looked nice and innocent. But man, was I wrong.
I fell head over heels for her. I was balls deep
In love with a girl who appeared to all sweet.

We dated for a year. My love expanded.
Did what I needed to satisfy what her love demanded
My friends said I was being a hopeless romantic
Started losing them one by one. Said they couldn't stand her antics

They said goodbye. I couldn't understand it.
She yelled at me a lot but I never felt reprimanded
Never complained once when her attitude was rancid
And she sent me to the kitchen to bring her beer and a sandwich

It was unconditional (My love for her was steady)
She was only at the booth for show (My body wasn't ready)
I knew she didn't care much though (For me, she never made time)
I never complained or whined
And I could never get her out of my mind

I knew I would never find (Another girl like her again)
Never wanted to say goodbye (Now I drown in tonic and gin)
A broken nerd she left behind ( Never got to say farewell )
When death comes ring the bells
I hope to love her again in hell

When I showed my love for her, I would do it large.
If she blew me off, I would wish upon a shooting star
That she would love me back like a hippie loves a cool guitar
I would hop on a grenade for her like I was Bruno Mars

I dared to propose. Wanted my life shared.
Got on my knee and she agreed. What did I care
If to most people her reasoning for it wasn't quite fair?
I was military. She was in it for the TRICARE

Her feelings for me would never grow like feeble midgets.
She drained my bank accounts down to the single digits
That never bothered me. Didn't make my heart sick
I would take her a bullet for her straight to my heart quick

Thought "love" was something that she was afraid to say
It made the feeling even worse on that fateful day
I bought her a box of chocolates and when she tried to eat a piece
She choked on it, couldn't breathe and that's the reason she's deceased


To this day I'm still in love with her
People tell me that I'm gonna be up above with her
But I know better. That's not the place that she'll be in
The reason? Cause she was a demon when she was breathin'

She didn't love me back. I had ascertained
That if I inquired that the question would've asked in vain
I was a cheery parade. She was a massive rain
Her heart was colder than the grass terrain on the Alaskan plains

If I follow her to hell, she might warm up to me
I need to live with her in the afterlife comfortably
None could see how I cared for her. It was my fault.
I cost my love her life. Now her life's lost.

Every day I wake up and I hope she's livin'
Now I drink my problem's away till my hope is missin'
I'm a failure at life. I do nothing well.
But it's swell that one day I'll get to love her again in hell.


from SpinTunes #9: Round 2, released July 29, 2014




Spintown Middletown, Ohio

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