Felix Frost - Lyman Boone And The Moonshine Scoundrel

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The sequel to my song "Leaving Lyman's Liquor Store" about an outlaw who quits his job at a liquor store to become an outlaw. In this song, Lyman is busted out of prison by the Moonshine Scoundrel, an old silver prospector who wants to go into the criminal business but needs Boone's liquor-making and robbery skills. The two of them become very successful by selling moonshine sprinkled with the crushed dust of valuable gems at high prices (mostly to barons and other wealthy western dudes). But, of course, eventually the law catches up to them.


Lyman Boone:
Well here I am in the Iron City jail,
and all I've got to think about
is how I failed.

An older fellow wandered into the jail,
a silver prospector
with a big old grizzled beard and pale.

Moonshine Scoundrel:
Aren't you the cowboy they
call Lyman Boone?
The one with the gems and jewels
and lots of booze?

I'm the guy you heard about
but I ain't got either.

I'm the Moonshine Scoundrel
I'm here to bust you out.
I run illegal liquor along
the dusty route.

I must admit I've never heard of it
alcohol pitted against the law.

My moonshine gets you wacky
but the lawmen call it foul.
The town shop sales are lacking
with my tonic on the prowl.

What do you need me for?

Well, you're famous for your distilling skills,
and a legend for your kills.

And in it for me?

I set you free!

(Time passes.)

Sixty coins of solid heaven
new barrels of booze sitting for our revenue.

Your inventory tells half the story,
half the west has gotten gory,
just to stop our run.

Without the chase the work is half the fun.

Powdered gems are useless
all the dames will refuse this.

So, we'll sprinkle it in the moonshine
and sell it as the juice of jewels.

Crooked barons and corrupt tycoons
will pay tons to soak up their drool.

We'll call it Rock Candy Tonic,
it'll take the West by storm.

Pop your brain like gun powder
with the taste of sugar cane and corn.

(Time passes.)

We can't keep this up for long,
we need more corn meal and yeast.

You can go and raid the nearest town
and scoop us up a feast.

Don't be thick, cause they'll be waiting
we'll both by lynched by Sheriff Shark.

I've got your back with my blunderbuss, see?
Just keep shooting sharp, and you'll have to trust me.

The town wasn't ready for Lyman Boone
and the Moonshine Scoundrel.
We raked in a mountain of pearls and pocketbooks
and all the ingredients that we'd need.

We came back to find our distillery gone
blown by TNT.

They're coming by horse.
Keep your head down.
I'll hold them off,
just cover our tracks!

I caught up and gunned down two,
but the Deputy shot the Scoundrel
through the shoe.

Go on Boone and hop on a train,
my name will live on if you start the business again.


from SpinTunes #5: Round 3, released July 31, 2012



all rights reserved


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