Dr. Lindyke - Monastic Workout (Shadow)

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"In Faux Parts"

Now, some folks might say this isn't properly motivational. The monks in this song sing of how crappy their lives are. They're tired, their robes itch, and they want a decent meal. But they exercise and push on because they love God. What else would motivate a monk? I hope you don't think I'm trying to motivate YOU, you selfish thing! No, my target audience consists of just 15 guys. (www.mepkinabbey.org)

Musically, this is clocking in at a tempo of 106 beats per minute. For comparison, "Monastic Workout" is a little faster than Smash Mouth's "So Insane" (104bpm). It's ideal for running. According to jog.fm, this pace will get you through a one-mile run in 14:24. Not too shabby. Other recommended exercises are weeding, hoeing, raking, plowing, and milking the cows.


Lyrics (Latin)
Dolor et corporis infirmitate.
Ego sum ​​imperfecti.
Deo me vires exercere
Deo me vires perseverare
Lorem me perfectioris in conspectu tuo.

Ubi tempus erit mihi
Panem quotidianum.
Lorem fame pereant,
Ego comedent
Sum defessus satis mori.
Ego accubare hic moriar.

Vos me levare.
Et me currere.
Et me natare.
Et me salire.

Tunc me gerunt haec stolis maledictus.
Volo ad gerunt
Ego trucidare cibum

Vos me levare.
Et me currere.
Et me natare.
Et me salire.

Gloria Patri
Gloria Fili
Et Spiritu Sancti
Gloria Maria
Gloria Deo
Gloria Deo

An English Translation is available at


from SpinTunes #5: Round 2, released July 17, 2012



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