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Because "opera" was defined as a "theatrical production", we wrote one, complete with stage directions.

This vignette is a dialog between William Hoover and myself. What's not addressed in the lyrics, but is only available in the context of the opera-as-stage-production, is that within this song we're in the process of writing this song for this round of SpinTunes. So it's an actual mini-opera that documents the real conversation we had while writing a song about writing a song about writing an opera for the current round of SpinTunes in which William is lamenting his invisibility, and in which I point out the irony that while it's his words that are sung, it's my voice that people hear, which therefore does not solve his problem in the present case, though that's the obvious purpose of airing the lament.


The script and full song bio is available at music.cratchit.org/2012/07/mr-nobody.html


I'm a missing person reported
Last seen in a Photoshopped frame
Though no one’s seen my face
They all seem to know my name
The imaginary alter ego
Of your imaginary design
A mostly ghostly creature
Who comes and goes from time to time

And though I've got some harmonies
I sing your stories by choice
And here's the fist of irony
They only hear... my voice.
But there'd be no “Mission” today
There'd be no “Rats in the Kitchen”
There'd be no “Far Away”
Without your words... my inspiration.

D: I need to use your words again
W: You'll just change them anyway
D: Now it's time to start again.
W: I have these for you today
D: It's a start... I need a pen
W: Here it comes...

We'll move this verse, and add a line
Maybe we can change it to three-quarter time
I think we need a little more internal rhyme
Then we'll alliterate and syncopate
And add a bridge and
Just a smidge of
Counterpoint and other shit
Don't bother me, I'm workin' on it
Then we'll drop a little Rock and Roll-----!
Gonna drop a little Rock and Roll-----!

W: That's not what I would say!
D: But it scans better that way!
W: But it's not what I would say!
D: I'm so sorry.
W: That's ok.

There’s no lake, no flowers
Even I may not believe
I ever existed or lived in the towers
Such is my invisibility

D: But there'd be no “Summer Rain”
W: I'm the Invisible Man
D: ...no “Yesterday Hero”
W: Claude Rains and his shadow
D: ...no “Harvey Ray”
W: They all seem to vanish
D: It’s all there in the lines just listen
W: Then appear again in the morning light

W: I often wonder – was it you or was it me?
D: Does it really matter who wrote down the line?
D: It's our songs that people hear, and not our faces see
W: Well, I'm sure whatever you decide is fine.

Lon Chaney had a thousand faces, none of them his own
The art transcends the artist, at least that's what I understand

And you and I've a legacy to call our very own
Conceived by an invisible hand
Conceived by an invisible hand

Behold the Invisible Man!
Behold the Invisible Man!
Behold the Invisible Man!


from SpinTunes #5: Round 3, released July 31, 2012
Lyrics: "Claude Rains"
Music: "Lon Chaney"



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