Rosalind - My Favorite Time Of The Week (Shadow)

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I have this problem: I tend to have severe TV crushes. It all started with Wil Wheaton as Wesley Crusher on Star Trek, and I fell in love with Johnny Depp watching 21 Jump Street long before anyone else cared. I had pictures of Marcus from Babylon 5 in my locker. Here's the thing: I'm happily married, almost 5 years, and I STILL have massive tv crushes! My current one is the boys of Supernatural, specifically Jared Padalecki who plays Sam Winchester. So, my song is a slight over-exaggeration (and the show is at 9 not 8, but it rhymed), but it's for him! Squee!



I only want to let you know, how much I need you so
Getting ready for our weekly date: got my DVR set for 8
You smile at me, who wouldn’t see. Even through the screen it seems
You were meant for me

It was love at first sight, your flowing hair and beautiful eyes
My heart fluttered and I couldn’t breathe when you turned and stared at me
And though she tried to steal your heart, I knew that she was just a character part
And she wouldn’t last long past the pilot episode

Still, she broke your heart, but you were strong, and I was there cheering you along
I knew next week there’d be someone new, but for now I dreamed I could be with yo


We grew together as the weeks went by, I watched you fight, I watched you cry
Sometimes, you’d flash those green eyes at me, and I blushed even though there was no one to see
I read every single interview, and voted a thousand times for you
All of my backgrounds show your beautiful face

Every year I have to worry though: will the producers bring back your show?
I just watch, over and over again, hoping that you’ll never end


On this Valentine’s Day, I hope you’ll think of me
Reading my letters, I know you'll feel the same way
We're apart, I can't just sit in bed.
I guess I’ll go out with my husband instead
It’s okay, he knows you’re in my head


from SpinTunes #4: Round 2, released February 14, 2012




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